In 2011, consumer electronics company Sonos, known for their smart system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components, retained Bruce Mau Design (BMD) to help re-think their brand identity.

Now, in 2015, Sonos continues to grow exponentially and numerous competitors have entered the market as wireless audio becomes more commonplace. Last year, BMD and Sonos pushed harder to signal Sonos’ leadership, relevance, and dedication to the music experience.

This new iteration of the Sonos visual identity advances the idea of the modern music experience into a rich diversity of expressions. The new identity launched internally with a BMD-designed brand video and is now making its way to the public.

An unintended benefit of BMD’s new logo design for Sonos is a visual effect evoking a sound vibration that appears on screens when the graphic is scrolled. Laura Stein, creative director on the Sonos rebranding, told Fast Company that there wasn’t a whole lot of science behind it, and it was a kind of “happy accident” that the logo vibrates and that this complements the original intention. (MORE)

BMD's Sonos logo has an unexpected result — scroll up or down on this page and you'll see.

BMD’s new logo design for Sonos came with an unplanned benefit — an optical illusion evoking a sound vibration that appears on screens when the graphic is scrolled. Try it!