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Word Monster: Word Monster by OtherWise Games is a challenging word puzzle game for older kids.  It’s fun, easy-to-learn and you can’t beat the price — it’s free. The interface and graphics are geared to kids but adults will enjoy playing this game, too. I did! (MORE)

The home screen of the Word Monsters app

The home screen of the Word Monsters app by OtherWise Games

The home screen of FirstWords: Deluxe by Learning Touch.

FirstWords: Deluxe: If your toddler is amazed by your iPhone (and what toddler isn’t), there’s a world of amazing apps out there that will turn your little one’s play time into learning time. Joseph Broda reviews First Words: Deluxe by Learning Touch(MORE)

School 26: Just yesterday, I drove past a school that put up a sign declaring itself a “bully free zone.” This issue is a hot topic among parents of teens. Silicon Sisters Interactive — Canada’s first female owned and operated video game company — is trying to change school “mean girl” culture from within with their innovative app for tweens and teen girls called School 26. (MORE)

The prime interface of School 26 is the inside of Kate’s locker.